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#1312 fixed ietf-hotel: no usable connection Clemens Schrimpe weiler@…
Room 1149, associated with AP at 0c f4 d5 1e 7b ad.
One of my own MAC addrs is f4:5c:89:ca:f3:3d.

Problem reproducible from OSX and Android devices.

(Apologies for the very limited bug report; I can dig more later if 
that will be helpful.)

-- Sam

#975 duplicate ietf-hotel, public communication creilly@… ggm@…
I understand there are limits to what can be achieved, but the architecture
of the ietf-hotel wifi implies some very big breakage in the system,
because wired in room is just fine.  There is no problem delivering
internet to the building. its purely over RF.

If the venue claimed its hotel wifi was up to the job, I think we've
demonstrated it wasn't fit for purpose. If this had cost associated with
it, I'd be asking some questions about that part of the bill.

Or, there is an as-yet not fully debugged issue which is perhaps pervasive.
Certainly, none of the Android family I have (Nexus 10, 4, Moto-E, all
Lollipop) have been happy. Some behaviours feel like packetloss. Some feel
like AP timeout drop. Some feel like pMTU. or lack of DNS. or v4/v6
timeout. Whatever, its functionally useless.

Its almost useless on my MBP. SO I don't believe this is just "the net
hates Nexus"

OK. so, in feedback terms, how can we tell? You guys are busy, but the
response on the tickets doesn't fill me with joy: I don't see any sign
there is a sense all the ietf-hotel can coelesce, and can all get the
feedback, and the cantfix/wontfix which we believe now will happen.

If OTOH you haven't given up on us, we need a signal of hope.

#1228 fixed ietf-hotel problems Clemens Schrimpe joe@…
One of my devices is only getting ipv6 addresses and another gets a 169...
Ipv4 that doesn't seem to route traffic. I'm on the 13th floor is that
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