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#629 fixed Noise from Potsdam lobby area is really loud in Potsdam II amorris@… spencerdawkins.ietf@…

I'm not sure what can be done, but the movable wall on the right side of Potsdam II wasn't blocking much of the noise from the break conversations in the lobby area. Is there another place that could be used for these conversations? It was difficult to hear the speakers, even with mikes.



#630 fixed fedora issues with wireless chelliot@… llynch@…

Re: [87attendees] Anyone using Fedora 18 on the IETF wifi?

From: Robert Moskowitz <rgm at> To: Derek Atkins <DAtkins at> Cc: "87attendees at" <87attendees at>, Dominik Bay <db at> Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:53:11 +0200 In-reply-to: <76F05F8F-EBE8-4C93-AA94-4AA104DC8FF9 at> References: <76F05F8F-EBE8-4C93-AA94-4AA104DC8FF9 at> List-id: <>

Title: Standard

On 07/29/2013 10:40 AM, Derek Atkins wrote:

Yes, that is what I see... Over and over. Hard to type that into my phone. :-)

I have a 3.9.10-200 kernel. Do you not get that from the 3.10 kernel? Maybe location matters?

I can try to update my kernel after I get out of appsarea.

rsyslogd is going crazy on my system (Fedora 17) on the ietf network to the point the system locks. It is running my CPU up to 98% and my temp to 83 degrees.

I am fine on the hotel network. I was on the ietf-a, and thought that was the problem, so I switched to the ietf plain and same thing. /var/logs/messages is now 5.6GB! I hope that logrotate works tonight!


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#634 fixed Fwd: [ #58334] Audio volume in HTTPbis (Potsdam 2) bheight@… amorris@…

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> From: "John C Klensin via RT" <>
> Date: July 31, 2013 8:00:54 AM PDT
> To: "AdminCc of Ticket #58334":;
> Subject: [ #58334] Audio volume in HTTPbis (Potsdam 2) 
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>     Subject: Audio volume in HTTPbis (Potsdam 2)
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> Hi.
> The audio sound level (volume) coming from Potsdam 2 is a bit
> low.  I've mostly been able to compensate by cranking things up
> locally, but as individuals ask questions from the mics or start
> mumbling their way through particular conversations, they become
> inaudible. 
> And, by the way, some WGs, like HTTPbis now, use two
> back-to-back sessions with no beverage break.  The audio system
> doesn't know about that and needs to be taught.  Otherwise, it
> disconnects during the break, loses several seconds or minutes
> of information, and then the receiving client at the listener
> end has to be terminated and manually restarted.  That is a much
> larger disruption than might be obvious.
> thanks,
>   john

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