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#687 fixed DNS server defective cdoyle@… ogud@…
I'm seeing lots of not answered queries to  and 2001:67c:370:229::7
leading to slow network behavior. 
I'm on IETF-1a.x in Buckingham room. 


#688 fixed Palace C cdoyle@… mcr@…
ietf-a in Palace C  went to 5-8s delay to first hop on v4 and v6.
dropped most TCP connections, went back to 100ms, and then back up to 6-8s.

will upload screen shot of mtr if can find banddit to do so.

#689 fixed Connectivity to cdoyle@… mlarson@…


I've been getting reports of slow connections to web pages from the meeting. I am not seeing anything on the web server that indicates an issue, and page loads from outside the meeting network seem normal.

Pinging a machine on the meeting network from the ietf server shows transit times of 140 - 317 ms. Can you have a look from your end and see what sort of times you are seeing, and if there is perhaps an issue between the meeting network and the ietf server when viewed from your end?



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