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#510 fixed Georgia B: audio R channel only joelja@… weiler@…
I'm not sure if this NEEDS to be fixed, but figured it should be 
reported: we're getting audio on only one channel.

-- Sam

#1101 fixed Get an IPv6 /48 or at least 4 /64 for hackathon con@… evyncke@…

As discussed with Joe Clark, Jim Martin, Warren, Clements, ... for the IPv6 mPvD and captive portal hackathon team we need a couple (4 actually) of /64 IPv6 prefixes.

The easiest is probably to route the /48 (or whatever) to port 8 of the switch of with legacy address

Of course, we will more than happy to configure any static IPv6 on the router that we will connect on the port 8.



#1207 fixed Get an IPv6 /60 or /56 for the IETF 101 Hackathon con@… evyncke@…


For the duration of the IETF-101 Hackathon, we will have 2 small routers/WifI AP which should each announce several IPv6 /64 prefixes. This is for testing interoperation with PvD.

Can we get therefore a /60 (or even a /56 if you prefer) which should have public Internet access?

Like we did 2 IETF ago, we could connect those 2 WiFI AP to an Ethernet drop in the Hackathon room and give you the MAC/Link Local Address of those 2 WiFi? AP

Thank you in advance

-éric vyncke

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