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#649 fixed No RAs on ietf-nat64 SSID ? cdoyle@… ayourtch@…

Sitting in 6man session, noticed there is no RAs sent on ietf-nat64 SSID.

On the ipv6-only and main dualstack SSIDs I can get IPv6 addresses without any problems.

Would be nice to have nat64 SSID working - this allows me to not use IPv4 at access layer. Unfortunately the pure-IPv6 SSID is yet unusable to me due to inability to connect via VPN.

#650 forwarded to secretariat Jabber amorris@… ban.albakri@…

I am trying to connect to the ECRIT chat roo. it keeps me in connecting
mode and no result of connecting.

my Jabber id is :

Ban Al-Bakri
#264 fixed 1x authentication liuwu@… barryleiba@…
What are the authentication mechanisms to use for the ietf-1x network?
 Windows offers me TLS, TTLS, LEAP, PEAP, and EAP-FAST.  Within those,
there are other options.  What are the correct mechanisms and options
to use?  I'd like to switch from the portal to 1x.


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