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#24 pending Hotel NAT keeps changing my outward IP Address andrew.lange@… Derek Atkins <warlord@…>

I can't successfully use WEBMAIL because every time I make an HTTP connection the outbound-visible IP Address changes. In the past five minutes I've had webmail report an incoming IP address of,, and Unfortunately webmail logs me out every time the IP address changes, and every connection is getting a new IP address. This makes webmail effectively useless. (webmail: )

Is there any chance of fixing the Hotel NAT to provide more stable IP bindings?



#25 pending Could not get IP address from my room (4181@Golf Hotl) andrew.lange@… Ryu Inada <Ryu.Inada@…>
Dear NOC Staff.

I could not get IP addrss from my room from 1700(?)-now.

In morning it works well, and noon to 1500 it alse work well.

Colud you please advise me how to fix it.

I've use hotel network from my ThinkPad X61s with wire, and 
tried using Apple's AirPort Express (AP), and both failed.

Thank you.
Ryu Inada
#26 worksforme 4812 can't connect to the network........ llynch@… "Alex McMahon" <alexmcm@…>
Hi folks,

A fellow from room 4812 can't connect to the network from his room........

All the best,

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