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#9 pending Audio at room Conservatory joelja@… Behcet Sarikaya <behcetsarikaya@…>
  We have a meeting on Thursday night right after the plenary (starting around 7:30pm) in room Conservatory. The room is already reserved. 
  Please keep audio recording active in this room until the meeting is finished (should be before 9pm).

#22 wontfix Proposal for Hotel Network problems llynch@… Bernie Hoeneisen <bernie@…>

I was just thinking, whether we could reduce the load in the in-house 
network by installing WLAN Access Point at ideal places outside to cover 
some hotel-rooms "via the window".

I am in 4th floor and get a weak signal. If standing at the window I can 
somewhat make use of it, but lots of packet loss.
A stronger signal could make me very happy...;-)

Is this idea feasible?


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 09:40:21 -0500
From: LANGE Andrew <>
Subject: [72attendees] Update on the Hotel's Guestroom Network

Because the heavy load on the guest room network is interacting negatively with the delivery of video over IP to the TVs in the rooms. Certainly CityWest has never experienced traffic loads like we're generating from the guest room side, and we're likely uncovering some issues in the underlying guest room infrastructure.

The hotel staff has been working this issue since early this morning, and they believe that they have fixed the underlying issue causing congestion and poor TV performance.  We have lifted the rate-limit on the router ports facing the guestroom network.

There has also been a fix put in place on the guestroom network that was affecting some PPTP users in their rooms.

Both the wireless and terminal room networks, are directly over our infrastructure and are unaffected by these issues with the guestroom side.

#709 forwarded to secretariat Jabber connection issues amorris@… Brian.Rosen@…
Pidgin client on OS-X 10.9.2. Logged in to

Was in clue room and was read-only

Now in xrblock.  I have the roster, but seems to otherwise not work at all.

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