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#1256 wontfix Message Received: (IPE-Ticket #780614) Notice of Claimed Infringement - Case ID c66f1d22cb2b4c222931 < default > anonymous

Dear IETF,

Your message (Notice of Claimed Infringement - Case ID
c66f1d22cb2b4c222931) has been received and we'll try and get back to you
in the next 24 hours.

If your enquiry is about a copyright infringement notice, please send a
copy of the notice you received from your Internet Service Provider. We
need the "Case ID" from the notice in order to provide you additional
information. You can reply to this email and include a copy of the notice
to update the ticket.

IP-Echelon Support
#1257 wontfix Your server has been registered as an attack source llynch@… anonymous
Dear Provider,

I’m George Egri, the Co-Founder and CEO of BitNinja Server Security. I’m writing to inform you that we have detected malicious requests from the IP directed at our clients’ servers.

As a result of these attacks, we have added your IP to our greylist to prevent it from attacking our clients’ servers.

Servers are increasingly exposed as the targets of botnet attacks and you might not be aware that your server is being used as a “bot” to send malicious attacks over the Internet.

I've collected the 3 earliest logs below, and you can find the freshest 100, that may help you disinfect your server, under the link. The timezone is UTC +1:00.

<pre style='padding:10px 20px; background:#e6e6e6;margin-bottom:10px'>{
    "PORT HIT": ";"
}</pre><pre style='padding:10px 20px; background:#e6e6e6;margin-bottom:10px'>{
    "PORT HIT": ";"
}</pre><pre style='padding:10px 20px; background:#e6e6e6;margin-bottom:10px'>{
    "PORT HIT": ";"

Please keep in mind that after the first intrusion we log all traffic between your server and the BitNinja-protected servers until the IP is removed from the greylist. This means you may see valid logs beside the malicious actions in the link above. If you need help finding the malicious logs, please don’t hesitate to contact our incident experts by replying to this e-mail.

For more information on analyzing and understanding outbound traffic, check out this:

We’ve also dedicated an entire site help people prevent their server from sending malicious attacks:

Thank you for helping us make the Internet a safer place!


George Egri
CEO at @ BusinessInsider UK hits the
BitNinja @ CodeMash conference

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Added by email2trac

#1076 wontfix My Win10 tablet can connect ietf* WiFi, but can't access to the Internet jclarke@… yoshiro.yoneya@…

My Win10 tablet (ASUS T100TAM) can connect ietf* SSID. And my tablet can access the Internet a while. But after a while (within a few minutes), connectivity to the Internet is lost. I consulted Asai-san and we found that my tablet forgot router's arp shortly.

This trouble doesn't happen when my tablet connects to swissotel SSID.

I experienced this problem at IETF97@Seoul also. Sadly, my tablet seems incompatible with IETF network :-(

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