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#1363 pending unable to login Sean Croghan jim@…
When I click on the meetecho link, I’m prompted for my datatracter username ( and password. These worked yesterday. Now I’m told I’m unauthorized. The web site flashes up a chunk of JSON(?) for a fraction of a second -- too short to read it -- before saying unauthorized.

I get the same result if I use the email address and registration confirmation: ZV27OKYZ

What’s gone wrong and how is this fixed?

#1194 fixed unable to join ietf-NAT64 panda@… lee@…

Sitting in the Plenary. SSID ietf works fine--I select it and I have an address and connectivity in 5 seconds. Joining the ietf-NAT64 SSID fails. After 120 seconds, still no address; the WiFi? signal bar looks like it's still searching.

Using OSX 10.11.6.

#897 fixed unable to connect to any ietf wireless network ralfvin@… jan.vcelak@…

I'm having a trouble connecting to any ietf network from my laptop.  The
ietf-hotel works only in my hotel room, not around the meeting rooms.
Also everything works fine with the same configuration on my phone.

I have Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6200 (rev 35) wifi module
in my laptop. I remember some poeple with this module (including me) had
the same problem on the Hawaii meeting:

Unfortunately, connecting to the 2.4 only network doesn't fix it for me
this time. I will authenticate, usually get both IPv4 and IPv6
configuration, but pinging the default gateway times out.


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