I was asked to inform you of the problem I reported to the Hilton Hotel staff concerning the internet access in room 6011.  As I explained to the Hotel Staff, I do not see this as an IETF issue with the network.  It is only a Hotel infrastructure problem.


The problem:

There is only a very weak signal in the room.  Most of the room is actually dead (e.g., in the Bedroom for example there is no signal).  In the suite area by the desk, I find only a marginally adequate signal and even there it is weak and drops out frequently. 


Why did I report it:

I do not expect the hotel can fix this on short notice but I felt they should be aware of it as they need to improve the radio signal (someday) in the room. 


Of course, if there is a way to get a wireless access point instead in or near my room that would be great but I am not expecting IETF to solve this.  I do want the hotel to know at least of the problem.





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