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Active Tickets (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#1216 Jabber messaging on NAT64-ietf nat64 ietf-101 request lee@… assigned 18 Mar 2018
#1217 Macbook Pro unable to get on ietf-V6ONLY nat64 ietf-101 request panda@… assigned 19 Mar 2018
#1218 Connectivity ietf-hotel L14 hotel ietf-101 request Clemens Schrimpe assigned 19 Mar 2018
#1219 00000 永利332418。COM邀您注冊嶺⑤8赢5⒏0提,专员Q270681378嶺 incoming ietf-101 request < default > new 20 Mar 2018
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