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> #1015: reverting back to non-encrypted access
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> Comment (by panda@…):
>  Hi Marc,
>  Thank you for your report.
>  We sometimes experience the same problem when we associate with the 
>  previously associated with but its configuration (e.g., certificate) 
> has
>  been changed.
>  There is a workaround, and can you try this if you still keep 
> ietf-legacy.
>  1. Delete the ietf SSID from the WiFi list.
>  2. Associate with the ietf SSID.  (Certificate verification and
>  ID/password will be prompted.)
>  3. Set the ietf SSID to higher preference than the others such as 
> ietf-
>  legacy

thanks. I did that and it does not change the issue. It looks like for 
some reasons the OS seem to be « impatient » and then revert back. I 
haven’t investigated if it is the WPA negotiation or IP address 
assignment which is « too slow », but I thought it was WPA nego, 
since the L2 is not even up before reverting to the opened ssid.  
Anyway, we all know how much OS are adding various heuristics to 
« speed up » access and that might be the issue.

(case closed for me, but I wanted to inform you in case others have same 
issues and it might show a slowness in the access network 


>  Thank you.
>  Hirochika Asai
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    initial v6  
    1 {{{
    2 Hello,
    3   maybe it is me, or my OS (MacOSX 10.11.5), but I’ve been seeing the
    4 following behaviour this week, seemed to happened in many rooms, so not
    5 sure it is related to AP radio power or else. If I select any of the
    6 encrypted access (ietf, 2.4Only, nat64), it seems to take too much time
    7 to establish the session so that the OS revert to ietf-legacy opened
    8 ssid. I tried to lower the pref of the ssid inside MacOSX network
    9 preference, but it did not help. I’m about to remove the
    10 ‘ietf-legacy’ entry to see if it is better (my guess it would), but
    11 I wanted to alert you in case it is a more generic (and/or known) issue.
     1Thank you, Marc.  I'll close this ticket but we'll keep this issue in mind and seek a better solution for future meetings.
    13 Regards, Marc.
    14 }}}
     3-- Hirochika Asai