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Viber issues on NAT64

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Viber desktop client does not work when connected to the NAT64 network (current version 7.0.0 latest).

There are no error message on the main screen that suggests connectivity issue, but no incoming message can be received nor messages able to be sent.

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Using API Monitor, we found that the client is using AF_INET to bind the socket, but since there is not IPv4 address to use the connection fails. Should be using AF_INET6 instead and set IPv6Only = 0 so that dual stack works.

We will contact Viber directly about this.

The same problem occurs on the iOS, Android, and MacOS clients (cannot connect, no error shown). Did not verify the cause on these OS's like we did on Windows, but it is probably the same.

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The same problem occurs on the iOS

Sorry, Mobile (iOS & Android) does work.
MacOS & Windows definitely do not work

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MacOS version also 7.0.0

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Thanks for trying the NAT64 network (SSID ietf-nat64) and reporting your experience. As far as we can tell, the issue you reported is either an issue of the NAT64 implementation’s handling of that specific traffic or the given application vendor's implementation. We’re collecting all the issues that come up and will pass the reports back to the vendor at the end of the week. Hopefully this will lead to better implementations and greater functionality for the next meeting. If you’re curious about other known issues, please see

If you have additional input on this issue please update the ticket, if you see new issues please open additional tickets.

Thanks -

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