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Poor connectivity in Convention2 and 3 — at Initial Version

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Using the excellent connectivity here on the terrace (very pleasant), I 
would like to report that L3 connectivity in the front left hand corner 
of Convention 2 (RTGWG meeting this morning) was very poor.  Using 
Windows XP/802.11b/g, I could see the phyical networks and connect to 
ietf ,ietf-cgnat or ietf1x (and indeeed ietf-v6only) at L2 but L3 
connectivity varied from poor to non-existent.  Acquiring an address 
took a long time and packet loss variied from 100% most of the time to 
maybe 20% fr about 5 minutes.  DNS service was intermittent and 
connection to mail servers in various locations timed out repeatedly.

I experienced similar problems close to the stage in Convention 3 yesterday.


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