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IPv6 connectivity

Reported by:… Owned by: Clemens Schrimpe
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I'm gathering from my trace routes that we're using some sort of tunnel
for IPv6. While I understand that sometimes tunnels are unavoidable (shame
on you L3!), is there any way that a secondary or replacement tunnel can
be terminated a little closer to our actual geographic/IPv4 path (e.g.
Miami), rather than in LA in order to avoid some of the tunnel-induced
stretch? Those of us trying to reach things over IPv6 on the East coast of
the US (or worse, Europe) could do without the extra transcontinental hop.
Hurricane has tunnel termination endpoints in many locations that would be
advantageous, and support BGP.

dhcp-b376:~ e158182$ traceroute6 2610:178:8::1
traceroute6 to 2610:178:8::1 (2610:178:8::1) from
2001:67c:370:176:1802:fd28:21ad:f998, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
 1  2001:67c:370:176::2  15.195 ms  8.408 ms  5.088 ms
 2  2001:13b0:1:4::1  2.290 ms  2.021 ms  7.230 ms
 3  153.070 ms  171.330 ms  149.873 ms
 4  148.472 ms  147.259 ms  147.942 ms
 5  181.282 ms  182.144 ms  186.616 ms
 6  183.936 ms  190.716
ms  180.388 ms
 7  2610:178:ffff:7::4  179.363 ms  179.903 ms  180.802 ms
 8  2610:178:fff:fffc::2  190.304 ms  192.130 ms  201.137 ms

dhcp-b376:~ e158182$ traceroute6
traceroute6 to (2001:67c:2e8:22::c100:68b) from
2001:67c:370:176:1802:fd28:21ad:f998, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
 1  2001:67c:370:176::2  1.203 ms  1.357 ms  1.331 ms
 2  2001:13b0:1:4::1  2.128 ms  1.850 ms  1.987 ms
 3  148.327 ms  190.806 ms  148.772 ms
 4  147.872 ms  145.540 ms  146.473 ms
 5  310.816 ms  247.944 ms  247.662 ms
 6  263.186 ms  259.874 ms  276.546 ms
 7  261.234 ms  260.290 ms  278.850 ms
 8  267.455 ms !P  270.676 ms !P  345.798
ms !P

dhcp-b376:~ e158182$ traceroute6
traceroute6 to
(2a03:2880:1010:3f20:face:b00c::25de) from
2001:67c:370:176:1802:fd28:21ad:f998, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
 1  2001:67c:370:176::2  3.706 ms  1.582 ms  1.662 ms
 2  2001:13b0:1:4::1  3.134 ms  1.837 ms  2.439 ms
 3  2001:450:2001:1000::670:1708:1142  144.942 ms  144.868 ms  145.338 ms
 4  2001:1900:4:3::79  147.691 ms  145.984 ms  146.841 ms
 5  149.108 ms  145.773 ms  146.851 ms
 6  270.016 ms  237.919 ms  221.735
 7  169.151 ms  168.206 ms  168.563 ms
 8  169.764 ms  167.867 ms  167.593
 9  189.040 ms  189.759 ms  202.147 ms
10  189.504 ms  188.735 ms  189.485 ms
11  197.267 ms  189.977 ms  197.125 ms
12  197.923 ms  188.921 ms  188.747 ms
13  189.066 ms  189.904 ms  188.497 ms


Wes George

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We have native v6 from both L3 and IPLAN, so it's not a tunneling issue. That said, there may be some route optimization that's possible, and I'll have our routing guys look into it. Stay tuned...

  • Jim

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Level3 hides it's MPLS network, the path you are seeing is the path of least resistance. The latency you are seeing once it gets to LAX is the same we are seeing for most networks heading to North America.

If you continue to see performance issues please let us know.



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