Landing page for IETF 106 CAPPORT experiment

For non-CAPPORT regulars:

Don't panic -- we are not planning on actually having a Captive Portal; this advertises to CAPPORT compatible clients that there is no captive portal on the network ("captive": false), and an informational URL ("venue-info-url": "") which clients can go to if they'd like some information about the location.

The IETF network in Singapore is running a draft-ietf-capport-rfc7710bis style CAPPORT experiment.

The DHCP servers are serving the Captive-Portal DHCPv4 (160) and The Captive-Portal DHCPv6 (103) options. These options contain a CAPPORT API URL which answers with:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: private
Date: <...>
Content-Type: application/captive+json
    "captive": false,
    "venue-info-url": ""

We may also be able to advertise this using the IPv6 RA solution, but this is technically trickier[0]. As this is an experiment, it is low down on the NOC priority list (building the network comes first), and can be terminated at any time. (Note: I'm wearing both author and NOC participant hats)

Warren. --- [0]: The routers for the IETF meeting venue networks are Junipers, and they: a: don't seem to support RFC7710 yet and b: don't seem to allow for arbitrary RA information to be stuffed in. The NOC is investigating if we can use other routers (Ubiquiti) to inject RAs with this info.

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