General Info

There are 2 VM servers: peter and egon

Each machine is connected to managment(1) and servers(5) vlans.

The host OS runs Ubuntu Linux (currently 8.04 LTS)

Networking Configuration

Networking configuration is located in /etc/network/

"interfaces" file:

# The managment vlan interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

# The servers vlan interface
auto eth0.5
iface eth0.5 inet static
  up /etc/network/route-policy

iface eth0.5 inet6 static
  address 2001:df8:0:5::6
  netmask 64
  gateway 2001:df8:0:5::2

There is an additional shell script called the route-policy. This is required to properly route packets to the correct vlan. We discovered that by default if a packet from managment vlan sent to servers vlan would be returned on the managment vlan instead of through the servers vlan gateway. This caused odd problems for hosts on the managment vlan trying to reach public servers vlan IP.

Here is the Linux (ip route tools) version of this policy file.

# Setup a route policy for ietf73
# Author: Ben Kochie <>

ip route add dev eth0 src table 1
ip route add dev eth0.5 src table 2

ip route add default via table 1
ip route add default via table 2

ip route add default via

ip rule add from table 1
ip rule add from table 2

ip rule del pref 32767

VMWare Server Configuration

Each machine is installed with VMWare server. was used to setup eth0 and eth0.5 as bridged interfaces so VMs can access both networks.

Future plans: DRBD install to provide active backup of the VM data between the two servers.

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